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Enneagram of G[Race]:

Healing the Wounds of Racism

hosted by Alternatives UK

& Dr. Debroah Egerton

Graduates of Part I & Part II

Forging a New Path Forward

Resources & Community Forum

Current Students of the 

The Enneagram: 9 Paths to Racial Healing

A Transformational Journey From

Tolerance To Inclusion


With Russ Hudson & Deborah Egerton



Resources & Community Forum

iea Enneagroups

Current Sponsors & Facilitators of the

JEDI Enneagroups

(Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion)

BIPOC, Anti-racism, POC & Immigration, Gender & Sexual Diversity

Resources & IDEA Materials


Formerly the "Enneagram & DEI Certification Training for Enneagram Practitioners"

The Enneagram + Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Anti-racism Certification Training for Enneagram Practitioners


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Trinity Transition

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