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A Sneak Peek into My Book "Know Justice Know Peace" - The Head Center

As we approach the release of my new book Know Justice Know Peace: A Transformative Journey of Social Justice, Anti-Racism, and Healing through the Power of the Enneagram, I would like to offer a glimpse into the actual chapters. For the past 2 weeks I have provided a sneak peek into Chapters 5 & 6 the Body Center and the Heart Center.

This week I invite you to explore the Head Center with me. Here is a sample of Chapter 7 The Bridge Builders - Head Center: 5-6-7:

The Head Center, or Thinking Triad, is home to Points Five, Six, and Seven. These three energies have a wisdom that comes from internalization and reflection. This group is centered around inner guidance—a persistent state of “getting stuck in their head”—and expressing their fear in different ways. Many people who identify with the Head Center Points (Five-Six-Seven) have a distinct experience with the emotion of fear or anxiety, more so than the other centers. All humans experience fear, as it is a basic human emotion; however, for the Five-Six-Seven fear is the paralytic behind many of their patterns of behavior.
During times of pain and suffering, either internally or externally, Five- Six-Sevens experience an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance that often transforms into internalized anxiety and redirected fear. This pattern consequently connects Five-Six-Seven to the capacity for reflection and guided action. The Head Center is concerned with looking to the future as a way of finding solutions, support, and guidance for addressing their fears. The management of fear and anxiety is dependent on how the Point in question is attempting to reassure themselves, fulfill the core motivation, and avoid the basic fear.
We call the Head Center the Bridge Builders, because that is exactly what they do—find or create the bridges between people and themselves for reconnection and collective healing or protection. Each Point builds bridges in its own way, which we dive into in each section, but they all take action based on how they internalize their anxiety and fear. The capacity for honest reflection during times of conflict without reacting impulsively or instinctually resides within the Head Center. When operating from a healthy space, Five-Six-Sevens are wise observers of how to secure justice, equity, and fairness and will find pathways for reconnection through kindness, courage, and objectivity. They are the center that can see the big picture and access a multiperspective balance, because they are wired to make space for reflection and intentional presence more readily than most.
On the other side, the internalization and fear residing in the Head Center can lead to deep disconnection and destructive patterns. When operating from an unhealthy space, Five-Six-Sevens can be neurotic, selfish, unfeeling, insecure, and nihilistic, and ultimately fall into a toxic pattern of rationalizing and acting upon their own internal narrative for the wrong reasons. Many people within the Head Center experience a paralyzing wall of fear and anxiety surrounding a particular unhealed or unexplored internal wound. This wall can be brought down by diving into the inner work necessary to move through the passion, fixation, and virtue.
We all have access to the Head Center energy, and sometimes the fear we pick up from these Points can serve as a wake-up call or a catalyst for helping us land in our virtue. Not all fear needs to be paralytic in nature.

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