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What Really Needs to Fall Away

Working with clients during the Fall season can create some wonderful opportunities for reflection and introspection. Fall is a particularly special time of year for me, especially when I lived in the northeastern part of the United States. While Maryland officially falls below the Mason-Dixon line we still benefited from the change of season with all of the visual splendor of the texture and colors of the falling leaves. There was also a bit of a chill that came into the air bringing with it a subtle message that whispered "wake up, get ready, winter is coming".

I use the fall season as an opportunity to work with my clients so that I am working with nature to open their awareness to how they show up in the world. What areas of life, work, personal and professional interaction, and behavior need to respond to the crisp air that is moving in? What internal shift do you want to make so that some old thinking or negative behavior begins to fall away?

Many workplace initiatives never gain traction because leaders don't change their behavior and thus the workforce has no identifiable experience of the need to do anything differently. The workplace continues to operate at a less than optimal level. You cannot change behaviors that you don't or won't acknowledge. Whether you are a part of an organization, a community, a place of worship, or a special interest group you are an individual who is capable of powerful positive sustainable change. The type of change that makes you better and thus our world shifts in response to your desire to change and to your intentional action toward that goal.

Use whatever the world offers in the way of tools to be all that you were intended to be and do all of the good that you are capable of doing. As the Fall season prepares us for winter may we all be inspired by its beauty and take the time to observe and reflect on what really needs to fall away.

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