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Ancient symbol. Modern psychology. 

The Challenger

Powerful & Dominating

self-confident, authoritative, hard-working, strong-willed, confrontational, forceful, passionate, outspoken, independent, protective, abundant energy, persistent, maintain power & control, industrious, defensive, combative, "invulnerable", harsh, rageful, vengeful egocentric, boastful, demonstrative, tyrannical, omnipotent, angry


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The Peacemaker

Calm & Self Effacing

receptive, reassuring, agreeable, considerate, quiet, easygoing, thoughtful, accepting, supportive, accommodating, dependable, routine, stable, hardworking, pragmatic, complacent, disengaged, emotionally indolent, indifferent, angry, stubborn, dissociated, numb, apathetic

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The Idealist

Rational & Rigid

principled, purposeful, organized, ethical, fastidious, fair, objective, “sense of mission”, practical action, high standards, inner critic, highly critical, impatient, repressed, angry, controlling, perfectionistic, puritanical, resentful, emotionally constricted, scolding abrasive, punitive, inflexible


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The Giver

Loving & Manipulative

generous, empathetic, helpful, thoughtful, caring, reliable, compassionate, kind, overly considerate, people pleasing, seductive, intrusive, possessive, seeking validation, angry, resentful, hurt, manipulative, deceitful, flattering, demonstrative, angry, low self esteem/value


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The Achiever

Successful & Deceitful

hardworking, dedicated, driven, ambitious, resourceful, impressive, motivated, highly skilled, distinguished, pragmatic, opportunistic, calculating, narcissistic, deeply egocentric, “imposter complex”, seeking validation & attention, social climber, arrogant, unprincipled self centered, conceited

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The Individualist

Expressive & Melodramatic

emotional, empathetic, creative, unique, connected, deep, artistic, romantic, unique, authentic, eccentric, poetic, introspective, sensitive, moody, manipulative judgemental, self-conscious, tormented, dark, depressive, angry, lost, shameful, self-destructive, hopeless, despair, macabre, self absorbed

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The Investigator

Innovative & Isolated

 intelligent, cerebral, wise, highly skilled, well-rounded, eccentric, open minded, pioneering, complex, perceptive, expert, independent, inventive, visionary, competent, capable, secretive, withdrawn, antagonistic, cynical, argumentative, reclusive, intellectually arrogant, self-destructive, nihilistic, erratic

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The Loyalist

Responsible & Anxious


innovative, structured, hardworking, deeply loyal, reliable, secure oriented, troubleshooting, revolutionary, engaging, contradictory, dependent, indecisive, untrusting, defensive, reactive, fearful, insecure, unpredictable, stubborn, suspicious, erratic, worst case scenario, panicked, paranoid

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The Enthusiast

Spontaneous & Scattered

free, fun, happy, curious, joyful, optimistic, adventurous, fast learners, well-rounded, humorous, light hearted, bold, vivacious, “life of the party”, flaky, self centered, narcissistic, emotionally stunted, insensitive, impulsive, escapist mentality, erratic, moody, compulsive, panic-stricken, avoidance, “cold-hearted”, jaded

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