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only $10

March 30, 2023 5:30 PST

  • This event will be streamed live online with an interactive Q&A.

  • This event will be recorded on our YouTube channel.

  • Portions of the audio will be released on our podcast.



Every Wednesday Sepetember through December 2023

Our lives consist of a series of relationships interwoven across generations, cultures, perspectives, and purposes. We find ourselves not infrequently navigating each day without the awareness of how we interact with and affect those around us. Our partnerships, whether in business or of a personal nature, are the common thread that links us all together as one... Partnerships thrive when two or more people enter into a mutually agreeable relationship. Relationships thrive when two or more people understand how to be in partnership with one another. The Enneagram provides us with the roadmap to navigate this human terrain. Your relationship to those who you are in purposeful partnership with is key to being an authentic participant in the healing and connection of all of humanity. One partnership at a time. 



****January 13–16, 2023 (Will be rescheduled for September more details coming soon)

Join Dr. Deborah Egerton to learn to lead from the heart and find your place in the great rehabilitation of our humanity through love, light, and connection.

The authentic self rises when we let go of the flawed dualistic mindset — that our feminine energy provides only nurturing support and our masculine energy is strength. Setting aside this binary thinking and these stereotypical roles, we come together to honor and explore the totality of energies that allow us to be our authentic selves.


September 12-16, 2022

As human beings, we all have a desire to belong. In this intermediate-level deep dive, Enneagram master educators Russ Hudson and Dr. Deborah Egerton invite you to learn how to use the Enneagram and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, anti-racism) for reconnection and oneness. Through a blend of experiential activities and a deep dive into inner work, you’ll be empowered with new tools, knowledge, and community connection to begin your Enneagram journey.  

During this program we will:

- Use IDEA as the cornerstone of our exploration.
- Uncover the basic mechanics of each Enneagram energy and look at the basic fear and desire, core motivation, the wings, and connections to other Enneagram points.
- Engage with presence to participate in experiential practices, and become more familiar with the behavior patterns we use to navigate the world.
- Utilize the Enneagram and IDEA to create internal and external expansion, opening the mind-body-spirit connection.
- Stand in love against “othering” and explore the ways we can heal across differences.


August 12-14, 2022

Leading With the Heart: Standing in Our Authentic Power

Setting aside binary thinking and the assignment of stereotypical roles, we come together to honor and explore the totality of the energies that allow us to be our authentic selves rather than a version of ourselves. The authentic self rises when we let go of the flawed dualistic mindset that our feminine energy provides only nurturing support and our masculine energy is our source of power and strength. Understanding how to access the totality of our being is to embrace the guiding force of love that resides within. In Leading From The Heart, participants will step into their true power. Together we will explore concepts that are often foreign to the feminine — how to bypass the heart in an attempt to demonstrate strength and avoid exposing ourselves as leaders to the undesirable types of vulnerability.


May 13-15 2022

The Enneagram & Healing Humanity: A Modern entry into Enneagram Work

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to hang up those winter coats and prepare for a renewal. If you are new to the Enneagram or would like to experience a new approach to its real-world applicability, join me in this entry-level course. May 13-15 I will be conducting a 3-day workshop where we explore the energy of the 9 Points of the Enneagram and the connections to all the integral parts contained within this psychosocial personality system


May 19th 2022

The Diversity and Inclusion in Business Conference 2022

Join us at The Diversity and Inclusion in Business Conference 2022 to contribute to important discussions on how to make businesses across the UK more inclusive places to work, unlocking the potential of traditionally marginalised groups and increasing diversity. You will learn from leading case studies on key topics including meeting the needs of neurodiverse employees, supporting female staff experiencing menopause and establishing networks for employees with caring duties. Networking opportunities will enable you to meet a variety of senior colleagues to share best practice, ideas, and information.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

October 23rd -  Pacific 6:00am-12:00pm / Eastern 9:00am-3:00pm

The Union of Practice & Service: Enneagram Energy for Global Healing & Transformation

Join us for a day of three-centered practices as a worldwide community dedicated to creating a transformational energetic shift reducing and healing from violence, hatred, division, and inequity in the human collective.  This will be a virtual event requiring real-time attendance. Our intention is to participate in the same practices together- at the same time- and use collective attention and intention to generate a field of non-fixated and awakened energy of power, love, and wisdom to heal divisions and reduce crime, hospitalizations, and anxiety. Participants will have the opportunity to benefit personally from practice, guidance, and community while collectively making a powerful energetic contribution of service to our world. This workshop will be guided by a group of teachers including Jessica Dibb, Russ Hudson, Terry Saracino, Deborah Egerton, Marion Gilbert, Khaled ElSherbini, Mike Alexander, Uranio Paes, Tyler Sit, and more.

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A FREE Online Event hosted by The Shift Network 12.6-12.10

The 2021 Enneagram Global Summit:
Bring the Wisdom of the Enneagram into Action to Transform Yourself & Our World

In the Enneagram Global Summit, you’ll be given concrete tools for creating individual, relational, and social change. This high-level approach to applying the Enneagram will help you become more whole and present with yourself so you can become an agent of change.

This event features nearly 70 of the world’s top experts — including Robert Holden, Dr. Deborah Egerton, Beatrice Chestnut, Police Chief Mike Alexander, Dr. Dan Siegel, Russ Hudson, Emeka Okorafor, Micky ScottBey Jones, Sandra Maitri, and many others — sharing the latest insights and applications to take your Enneagram knowledge even deeper.


October 25th through the 29th— begins at 3:00 PM PT

Empowering Women - free virtual event hosted by Hay House

The Empowering Women Live Virtual Event brings together an incredible lineup of inspiring women—all renowned experts from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds. Hosted by best-selling author and Master Life Coach Nancy Levin, the event features lessons from Suze Orman, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Deborah Egerton, Mel Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, and so many more.


Dr. Deborah Egerton and her team of Trinity Transition consultants are Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism specialists. Our culture change initiatives utilize the Enneagram and trademarked TTC tools to design workplace and community workshops. Our work creates the mindset shift necessary within communities and organizations to respect the diversity of every individual at all levels of society. We coach individuals, organizations, and communities to move from the space of apathy & tolerance to acceptance & inclusion.

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