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We are inviting anyone on the journey of racial healing, social justice, and anti-racism advocacy into our community. This is an inclusive and open network for all humans who are interested in the Enneagram and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Anti-racism work. 


To join the community you will need to sign up as a member and follow these instructions:


1. Go to the Members Only Portal 


2. Select the I.D.E.A.™ & Enneagram Community — you will be prompted to sign up as a new member or to log in if you are already a member, set your profile to “public” to ensure admin approval. Make sure you select “I.D.E.A.™ & Enneagram Community as your identifying community when you sign up.


3. You will receive a digital badge allowing access to the private forum & resources page— activation may take up to 48 hours. Contact us if you experience issues signing in.


4. Explore the page — access the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Anti-Racism & Enneagram Guide for Beginners, various Enneagram resources, and the “Othering” Timeline. You also have access to the group forum where you can interact with your community, ask questions, share experiences, and post photos, articles, & more.


You can also download the Wix Spaces mobile app so you can stay updated on-the-go & access the portal straight from the app on your smartphone or tablet. You will need to become a member before having access through the mobile app.