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Enneagram Made Easy

Explore the Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram to Open Your Heart, Find Joy, and Discover Your True Self
Enneagram Made Easy by Deborah Egerton and Lisi Mohandessi

Praise for Enneagram Made Easy

Colette Baron-Reid

Spiritual medium, acclaimed oracle expert, and best-selling author of The Map

“Deborah Egerton is one of the world’s leading practitioners of the Enneagram, but more importantly she brings this information with such deep compassion and a fierce love for all of humanity. This is a wonderful book to explore this amazing system of Unity.”


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Back to Basics.

A comprehensive and accessible guide to the Enneagram personality-typing system by Internationally Respected Psychotherapist and Enneagram Master Educator, Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton. The Enneagram is an archetypal personality system that identifies nine distinct types, each with its own set of characteristics, motivations, and patterns of behavior. The Enneagram uniquely focuses on the exploration of inner motivations rather than simply observing behaviors and assigning standardized labels. Discover the inherent flexibility and expansiveness within the Enneagram, opening a doorway to explore the "why" behind our actions, fostering newfound flexibility, and unlocking possibilities for personal growth. As you explore the depths of the Enneagram, you'll discover the nuanced manifestations of each of the nine types through dimensions like Levels of Development, Instincts, Wings & Arrows, and more.

Your Guide to the Enneagram

"In Enneagram Made Easy, we intentionally crafted a guide that introduces you to the fundamental concepts and shared language of the Enneagram, ensuring that you have a solid foundation before diving into the vast pool of wisdom that this system offers. It is my hope that more people will take the time to understand these fundamentals, allowing them to approach their journey with clarity and a strong sense of self-awareness. ...And within the pages of this book, you will find a wealth of knowledge and information. However, should you decide to embrace the fullness of the Enneagram, I assure you that the guidance within these pages will be a steadfast companion on your lifelong journey of self-discovery."

Enneagram Made Easy, Introduction pg xi

A Deeper Look into Your Enneagram Energy

"There is something freeing about identification with point versus type, though it is essential to understand
why both terms are helpful. ... Just as we make choices about many things that do or do not work for us, you are free to think of yourself as a particular type or as standing at one specific point from which you lead or start. Do what works for you while you are finding your way on this journey. Those of us who write about or teach the Enneagram are here as your guides, and we cannot determine your type or point. That is part of your journey, and we are simply here to walk beside you as you explore a powerful way to do your inner work."

Enneagram Made Easy, Chapter 2: The Elements of the Enneagram pg 18

Understanding How it is All Connected

"When studied and implemented correctly, the Enneagram teaches us how to be together in a community through connection and interrelatedness. The concept of unity and diversity coexisting in harmony represented within the symbol comes alive. ... Our ability to relate to one another depends on how we invest our time and efforts into understanding the connections. The Enneagram provides us with a road map and guidance for this journey. As you explore your being, you will discover that the more you know about yourself, the better the quality of your relationships, including your core relationship with yourself. "

Enneagram Made Easy, Chapter 1: History, What Does It Do? pg 9

Listen to an Excerpt from the Book!

Featured on the You Can Heal Your Life Podcast, you’ll hear a chapter from Enneagram Made Easy, the brand-new audiobook by internationally respected psychologist, executive coach, and Enneagram specialist Dr. Deborah Egerton. You’ll learn key Enneagram terminology and concepts and will receive a comprehensive overview of the Enneagram system—which will help you understand your own personality dynamics.

Explore your Enneagram Type even deeper.

The Enneagram Inner Work Journals

The 9-book series tailor-made for each Enneagram type.  Dive into the depths of self-discovery with these beautifully crafted journals, designed to seamlessly complement your insights from my book Enneagram Made Easy.

The Enneagram Inner Work Journals by Dr. Deborah Egerton
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