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Our Approach

Executive coaching involves the development of individual self-awareness that will build on acknowledged strengths and remediation of recognized areas of challenge. Dr. Egerton and the Trinity Transition Consultants Team work with clients to help them to develop alignment between their core values and the core values of the organization. This helps to cultivate more productive workplace relationships with peers, direct reports, and staff. 


Through the process of coaching, client growth is facilitated by moving along a developmental spectrum from egocentricity to understanding the value of all individuals at every level of the organization. Clients are given the opportunity to acquire key skills vital for personal growth, workplace respect, and success. The leadership of the organization must be committed to their own growth, as well as, the growth of their employees. The TTC approach to Executive Coaching is designed to heighten the leadership team’s awareness of their reactions and responses to/with others across differences and develop the skills around the individual personality, leadership, and communication style to engage with a more diverse and inclusive workplace. TTC can work with the leadership team to assess the key skills that require individual and collective attention for the success of the team and the organization. 

Stronger Teams

Leadership Team Assessments

Enneagram Personality Analysis

Identifiable Cross-cultural Challenges & Solutions

Business People Applauding
Core Value Alignment

Vision, Mission, Values Assessment


"Living Our Vision"

Shared Language & Communication Skills Alignment

Innovation & Sustainability

Leadership Team Self Awareness

Enneagram Personality Reports

Embodiment of Core Values


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Dr. Deborah Egerton and her team of Trinity Transition consultants are inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism specialists. Our culture change initiatives utilize the Enneagram and trademarked TTC tools to design workplace and community workshops. Our work creates the mindset shift necessary within communities and organizations to respect the diversity of every individual at all levels of society. We coach individuals, organizations, and communities to move from the space of apathy & tolerance to acceptance & inclusion.
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