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Healing Humanity

There is a way to get through this. It will require leadership, commitment and compassion and we start by healing our black lives right where they are, in the workplace and in our communities. Let us help you heal our people and teach all who choose to stand with us how to be allies for black lives. Because instead of just words we can show up and demonstrate that Black Lives Matter!

- Dr.E

enneagram Healing Humanity Project Background

Over the past few years, there have been demonstrations around the world against police brutality, systemic racism, and social injustices impacting Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) lives. Most BIPOC have been to this space before and do not have much of an expectation that anything will change. There is a global societal shift occurring and once again, non-BIPOC are choosing to be allies and stand side by side with BIPOC in this struggle to end the social construct of racism. Part of embracing all of humanity requires that we do our individual work and bring ourselves together in a community. The collective work is to face our biases. By doing this, we will stop functioning on autopilot without stereotypes re-enacting our human drama. As practitioners of the Enneagram, there is intentional work that is needed in order to embrace inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism through our nine different lenses. We know that the Enneagram brilliantly illuminates this work.

Good leaders recognize some form of intervention is required to help employees, our community, and our neighbors move through these challenging times together... and to come together stronger, with a new level of respect and appreciation for one another. As an Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism Specialist, Dr. E has been working to heal the wounds of fellow humans for decades. To learn more about the program and how it may be integrated into your organization, group, team, or community please contact one of our consultants.

Phase 1


2 hour sessions with BIPOC group members to create a open & healing space where voices are heard & acknowledged

phase 2


2 hour sessions with Non-BIPOC group members to create a safe space for non judgemental growth & development

phase 3

Full Team

2 hour sessions with BIPOC and Non-BIPOC members to come together & have healing conversations to discuss, explore & discover what it means to be an ally for black lives

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