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Surrounding the globe with love, light and power as we embrace our universal connection in the age of
our “Divine Feminine Rising”

We are an international collaborative of Women empowered and positioned to rescue, restore and renew our universal oneness. We will harness the power of our universal connection for the elevation of our consciousness for the benefit of all of humanity


Presence - daily spiritual practice

Learning - seek and acquire knowledge
Acceptance - willingly sacrifice negative paradigms
Teaching - participate and be in service to educate
Inclusion- explore, develop & nurture community connections
Natural-  self love and compassion
Universal - expansion beyond our own borders
 Movement - Call to action

  • Disseminate Universal Oneness 

  • Create collective Collaboration

  • Nurture Connection across difference and distance

  • Participate in Intention Meditation and Prayer Circles

  • Develop & implement concrete societal actions for positive results

  • Be Catalyst and creators of change

  • Stand as Feminine warriors for the transformation from separatism to global inclusion

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Wisdom Warriors

For Active Mentors & Matriarchs

This group of women are wisdom keepers. Founding P3W members nominate additional members for consideration.

  • Contribute wisdom  

  • Provide encouragement

  • Empower women 

  • Resource for women and children

  • Educate communities

  • Storytellers of challenge and triumph

  • Help and be helped. Heal and be healed

  • Stand against bias, racism and bigotry

  • Embrace our sisterhood across differences

  • Educate our collective children to embrace oneness

  • Participate in personal and spiritual development 

  • Mentor Deborah’s Daughters

Smiling for the Camera
deborah's daughters

For Recruitment Team Members & Active Social Media Influencers 

This group of women are the connectors of our global community. Founding members may identify additional members for consideration.

  • Share challenges 

  • Explore experiences

  • Embrace our sisterhood across differences

  • Stand against bias, racism and bigotry

  • Encourage and support one another

  • Educate our collective children to embrace oneness

  • Work with identified mentors 

  • Help and be helped. Heal and be healed

  • Participate in personal and spiritual development

Benefits of Joining

Local collegial collaboration
Global innovative collaboration
Female fellowship and support
Acquisition of wisdom and knowledge
Mentoring and life coaching 
Perpetuation of universal oneness
Annual nurturing gathering 
Global Networking 
Creation of world-wide support
Connection across cultures 
Cultivation of universal value for humanity
Cross-Cultural connection to learn how to BE allies
Eat- Pray-Love and Learn in community

We are still in the process of establishing our group's structure including future membership fees, retreat organization, scholarships for Deborah's Daughters, & guidelines for inviting new members. Please look for a invite for collaboration once you become a member.


Your Platinum Ally & friend,

Deborah Egerton

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