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A 3-Hour Guided Exploration of The Enneagram presented by Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton


Join Enneagram luminary Dr. Deborah Egerton for this foundational exploration of the Enneagram. Experience the work through her unique approach to The Enneagram, which stems from a deep, rooted understanding that as humans we all have a desire to belong. As we travel through the Enneagram Map and explore the connection we have to each energy you will become empowered with new tools, knowledge, and community connection to begin your Enneagram journey.  The Enneagram, when studied and implemented correctly, teaches us how to be together in community through connection and interrelatedness. Our ability to relate to one another is dependent on how we invest our time and efforts into understanding the connections. We will explore each of the 9 Points of the Enneagram through the basic fear, basic desire, and core motivation, and see how each Enneagram energy navigates life's challenges and finds a purpose beyond self-serving behaviors and actions.


The Enneagram: A Modern Entry into Personality & Purpose

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$19.95Sale Price
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