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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & ANTI-RACISM
Training Certification
for Enneagram Practitioners

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Street Protest

Explore how we're making a difference in the world.

Mountain Lake

Dive deeper into the Enneagram to expand your reach into humanity. 

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It's time to stand up and take action. Be part of the movement.


It is a necessity. 

Dr. E's work is designed to create an experience that will be a gift to you and to everyone that is part of the journey. We will create a network of positive intentional interaction that moves away from fear by grounding us in presence. Then and only then can we be connected, as intended, as one race, the human race.


"The differences we face become threatening and create challenges, when instead they could provide us with the opportunity to connect and learn from each other. We must be willing to acknowledge and welcome these differences and use them as sources of enlightenment and inclusion - and as a return to basic human decency. "  - Dr. E

Turquoise Stone

Anti -Racism Workshop

Part of embracing all of humanity requires that we do our individual work and bring ourselves together in a community. The collective work is to face our biases. By doing this, we will stop functioning on autopilot without stereotypes re-enacting our human drama.

Pink Salt

IDEA Certification

Our team understands that in order to promote opportunities that provide beneficial learning experiences, it is important to identify and strengthen organizational conditions that support “readiness for change”. We use the Enneagram as a cornerstone of IDEA tools to help create social equity and eliminate institutional bias.


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Beatrice Chesnut
Bea Chesnut, ph.d.

Author of The Complete Enneagram and The 9 Types of Leadership

Dr. Deborah Egerton brings to her work with the Enneagram unique and powerful qualities to the important work of diversity and inclusion. Trained as a psychologist, and with a long career helping leaders and work teams around the world become more conscious and aware, her special combination of compassion, wisdom, and lived experience enables her to communicate about the cultural and political aspects of human interactions with directness, sensitivity, and grace. I've seen her open even the most closed of minds through the force of her intelligence, her principles, and her basic human kindness.