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Healing Humanity

Our work with The Enneagram and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism (IDEA) is designed to help heal our fractured society one connection at a time with compassion, respect, and awareness. The Enneagram can help us to peel back the layers of our individual internal programming to do the work of releasing what no longer serves us for our individual growth and the greater good. As we work together to strengthen our ability to show up as strong Advocates for social justice we can begin to envision a future where we become the change in the world that eradicates the “isms” that threaten the cooperative and collective connections of our species. The Enneagram helps us to become fully present as we grow and learn how to be Allies and Advocates to one another across differences within our diverse and beautiful Humanity Mosiac.

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The Enneagram + I.D.E.A. Certification Training


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Diversity is all the ways that we are similar and different; however, the differences matter, especially the ones that may matter to others for which you are unaware. True diversity is inclusion of others, differences, and all.  IDEA work requires the development of a particular skill set that opens the space for understanding the diversity challenge. Specific tools that can be used to open up your awareness to differences and to engage skillfully and successfully to bridge the diversity divide. 

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The Enneagram in Practice: Becoming a Love Warrior and Expanding the Space for "Others"

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Through a blend of experiential activities, grounding meditations, Enneagram exploration, enlightening and informational background discovery, and a deep dive into inner work you’ll be empowered with new tools, knowledge, and community connection to activate as an authentic advocate for all of humanity.

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the enneagram & compassion

Leading with the Heart

A New Online Series with

Dr. E & Special Guests

 Premieres January 2022
Street Protest

Explore how we're making a difference in the world.

Mountain Lake

Dive deeper into the Enneagram to expand your reach into humanity. 

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It's time to stand up and take action. Be part of the movement.


It is a necessity. 

Dr. E's work is designed to create an experience that will be a gift to you and to everyone that is part of the journey. We will create a network of positive intentional interaction that moves away from fear by grounding us in presence. Then and only then can we be connected, as intended, as one race, the human race.

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Anti -Racism Workshop

Part of embracing all of humanity requires that we do our individual work and bring ourselves together in a community. The collective work is to face our biases. By doing this, we will stop functioning on autopilot without stereotypes re-enacting our human drama.

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IDEA Certification

Our team understands that in order to promote opportunities that provide beneficial learning experiences, it is important to identify and strengthen organizational conditions that support “readiness for change”. We use the Enneagram as a cornerstone of IDEA tools to help create social equity and eliminate institutional bias.


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Robert Holden
Robert Holden ph.d.

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Author of Shift Happens! and  Finding Love Everywhere

Dr. Deborah Egerton is a spiritual leader for our times. She mentors leaders worldwide in the fields of politics, medicine, business and education. She is also a much loved and respected Enneagram teacher. To be in Deborah's presence, is a blessing.  And we are all blessed that Deborah is leading this new program which is call to action for students and teachers of the Enneagram.