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Enneagram + Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Anti-racism Specialist, Author, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Culture Transformation & Leadership Development Expert


MATRIARCH     -     MYSTIC     -     MENTOR




Our work with The Enneagram and Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-racism (IDEA) is designed to help heal our fractured society one connection at a time with compassion, respect, and awareness. The Enneagram can help us to peel back the layers of our individual internal programming to do the work of releasing what no longer serves us for our individual growth and the greater good. As we work together to strengthen our ability to show up as strong Advocates for social justice we can begin to envision a future where we become the change in the world that eradicates the “isms” that threaten the cooperative and collective connections of our species. The Enneagram helps us to become fully present as we grow and learn how to be Allies and Advocates to one another across differences within our diverse and beautiful Humanity Mosaic.

Know Justice Know Peace: A Transformative Journey of Social Justice, Anti-Racism, and Healing through the Power of the Enneagram

"Know Justice Know Peace is a unique guide told through the lens of the Enneagram that provides readers with a pathway to activating their authentic self so that they may participate in the healing of all of humanity. Dr. Egerton helps the reader discover the indisputable fact of how deeply and intricately we are all connected."

Presence is no longer a privilege,
It is a necessity.

Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton, Founder & President of Trinity Transition Consultants, is an internationally respected psychotherapist, IEA Accredited Professional with Distinction, Certified Enneagram teacher, best-selling author, and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and anti-racism) consultant, coach, and spiritual teacher. “Dr. E,” as she is affectionately referred to, is the founder and president of Trinity Transition Consultants, LLC. She works with individuals and organizations to help them release false historical narratives and to open their minds and hearts to a more compassionate and connected approach to life.


Make a difference where you are. 



Robert Holden
Robert Holden Ph.D.

Director of Success Intelligence Ltd.

Author of Shift Happens! and  Finding Love Everywhere

Dr. Deborah Egerton is a spiritual leader for our times. She mentors leaders worldwide in the fields of politics, medicine, business and education. She is also a much loved and respected Enneagram teacher. To be in Deborah's presence, is a blessing.  And we are all blessed that Deborah is leading this new program which is call to action for students and teachers of the Enneagram.

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