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A Brief Reflection for the Season

I have returned from Egypt in the midst of the season of Lent which is part of my Christian faith tradition. There are times when I feel fatigued and frustrated about my personal journey especially during Lent when I focus on how to be an authentic source of love and light in this world.

I do not claim the status of Enneagram scholar or master and feel embarrassed when I see that written on my behalf. I do know that I am a committed Enneagram teacher and coach who has been blessed to witness the breakthrough that comes from God through me to be an instrument or instrumental part of someone’s transformative process. During this season of Lent, as I reflect on my purpose and contribution to the world, I continue to be painfully aware the more I learn there is so much more that I need to learn. I will never even come close to knowing or understanding all that I would like to know so I can truly step into my unique role in healing humanity. These are the very moments when God’s hand touches me and I see something or experience something that speaks to my heart. Once again I pick up my compass, Find my true north, and continue my journey. For those of you that I have been able to help thank you. For those of you that I have yet to find ... well, I’m on my way.

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