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It is Time to "Just Be"

It feels like spring is in the air, and I’m loving it. This week during my online classes, I checked in to gauge differences in our climate around the globe. I discovered that the temperature was similar despite our distance. We were surprised at the warm temperatures that were everywhere.

I am working from my favorite location, St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. St.Croix is a place where I don’t have to “try” to move into stillness. For over two decades, I have come here just to “be.”

This trip felt a bit different. I had a greater appreciation for the beauty of this island. I am working on another Divine writing assignment and brought it to completion. When asked, “How do you keep up with it all?” the honest answer is not “trying” to make anything work. We can always access a Divine flow if we get present. You may create a special place in your home or someplace in nature that calls to you. Wherever you can find the space that moves you to stillness, bring it into your life as often as possible. There is a still, small voice waiting for you there.



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