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On the Path of Love & Light

So many emotions

So many tears

So much joy and laughter

I'm living beyond my fears

I marched in the '60s

as a little Justice Warrior

I stayed the course of love and truth

and survived to turn this corner

You have no way of knowing what this day means to me

You have no way of sharing the pain to set me free

And still, I stand in the stark light of my truth, my reality

Knowing that the road ahead is steeped with bigotry

Maya whispers in my ear “this is your time to fly”

I rise up as she would have me do to keep a watchful eye

The battle is not yet over and you have a role to play

Pick up God’s full armor and report in for love this day

For God has chosen me to be a leader in this space

I accept this anointing and ease gently into place. 

The seeds of hatred and bigotry will not thrive in my soul

I choose the path of love and light and do as I am told

For God so loved the world that He gave His only son

Who am I to question that He chose me and you to complete what must be done

On this day I choose love, as it has been my place to thrive

I choose love when I know that somehow I must rise

I choose love when you reject me

And Spirit whispers to my soul

This is your time

This is your place

Prepare yourself

love wins this race

- Deborah Egerton

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